Fall Fair 2010 Items and Prizes

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Fall Fair 2010 Items and Prizes

Post by Naminé on Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:06 pm

This information will be used during the present time of Fall Fair and to look back to history of this party items.

All of the prizes in Fall Fair 2010.

-Nonmember Prizes (Forest):
Balloon Flower Hat: 110 tickets
Red and Yellow Stripey Hat: 150 tickets
Green Cosmic Hat: 100 tickets
Blue Fuzzy Viking Hat: 125 tickets
Popcorn Pin: 50 tickets
Fair Beacon Background: 50 tickets

-Member Prizes (Entrance to Puffle Circus):
Pink Cotton Candy: 75 tickets
Ice Cream Cone: 75 tickets
Paddle Ball: 75 tickets
Popcorn: 75 tickets
Green Balloon: 80 tickets
Clown Wig: 200 tickets
Clown Suit: 300 tickets
Clown Shoes: 150 tickets

-Pin related to Fall Fair 2010:
Fall Fair Ticket Pin

-Meet Rockerhopper Items:
Rockerhopper Stamp: Be in the same room as him, first time you can get this stamp
Background: New background with yaar and rockerhopper

-Rockerhopper Migrator Items:
Free Item: Magician Top Hat
Member Furniture Item: Curtain - 350 coins
Member Clothes: Magician's Cloak - 400 coins
Member Clothes: Magician's Wand - 150 coins


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Re: Fall Fair 2010 Items and Prizes

Post by Carabu on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:18 pm

Cool Namine but that's sorta useless XD Just saying sorta useless info but still sorta kool. Razz
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