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Postcard to Save

Post by Naminé on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:17 pm

I sent CP a email that if they can make a section for postcards you save in the stampbook. Here what they replied:

Hello Postcard Collector,

There are a lot of fantastic postcards that have been created for special events
throughout the years, so I can understand how you might not want to part with

It would be quite helpful to have a special section in the Stamp Book to display
your favorite postcards. What postcards would you most like to show off to your
penguin friends? What is your favorite postcard? I would love to know if you
have any thoughts on this!

I can not promise that we will be able to add a section for your postcards in
the Stamp Book, but I will try to pass this suggestion along for consideration.
You just never know what might be possible next!

If you think up any other ideas or have any comments, feel free to write us
again. We always enjoy hearing from our fellow flippered friends!

Waddle on,


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