skyward sword theories

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skyward sword theories

Post by Blitz342 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:44 pm

i have a couple theories about skyward sword. skyloft is the golden realm, then ganondorf comes, takes the triforce of power, turns into ganon, then takes over hyrule down below skyloft. then link has to steal the skyward sword, while beating some other people who want to steal it,( that idea about stealing the sword is based on a sound clip i found, named rival heist). after link steals the sword, he gets caught, and has to run. then he jumps off a cliff down to hyrule, and lives from the power of the skyward sword. then he has to get some things, and while hes doing that, ganon curses the people of skyloft, and turns them into the oocca, which would explain why they are in the sky. then the goddesses create the dominion rod, which lets link communicate with the people of skyloft, allowing them to help him. the other theory is the same, except ganon turns the people of skyloft into tiny people, ( the minish from the minish cap). let me know what u think about these theories!
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