Pteprocks' Pogo Party Strategy

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Pteprocks' Pogo Party Strategy

Post by Ptep on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:04 pm

As you likely know, Pogo Party is one of the hardest mini-games in Plants VS Zombies. However, using this strategy of my own creation I beat it easily, and you can too. Start by planting sunflowers whenever you have enough sun and they're charged. You should be able to plant an entire row before the first zombie comes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLANT A SECOND ROW. This won't leave you enough flower pots for the rest of strategy and costs more sun. When the first pogo zombie comes, plant a Tall-Nut and a Cabbage-Pult in the same row as it, and repeat the process for every row and zombies appear in them. During this time you may upgrade your sunflowers to Twin Sunflowers as they become available. Once you have all your Tall-Nuts and Cabbage pults up, dig up a Cabbage Pult and replace it with a Melon-Pult; Only dig the Cabbage Pults up when you're ready to plant your Melon-Pult. Repeat this until you have all Melon-Pults and no Cabbage-Pults. As the battle drags on, repair any Tall-Nuts as they get damaged (Using the Wall-Nut First Aid item from Crazy Dave's shop) and upgrade the Melon-Pults to Winter Melons. These should take care of any zombies that come your way.

My End Result Screenshot:

You know ;)
You know ;)

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