Critique: Portal 2

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Critique: Portal 2

Post by Roco on Tue May 10, 2011 6:54 pm

I just finished Portal 2 (Sequel to Valve's popular "Portal" computer game, complimentary in the release of the Orange Box), and I have to say it was magnificent!

The Portal Series has made it a long way from it's beginning, as a low graphic computer game, to a Multimillion dollar Xbox/PS/Computer game.

The graphics were astounding, they truly were. The anatomy of Chell (Playable Character and Test Subject in the storyline) was right on. The look of the robots, the ware and tear of the labs, and the speed of flying threw the portals. All of these graphics were amazing! If it were any better it could be considered a movie! If graphics is what you're looking for, this is it!
I'll rate it, five stars on Graphics!
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The rich game plot is just as original as the first Portal. The game takes you into the history of GlaDOS, and Aperture Science in general! You go deep down into the bowels of the Enrichment Center, learning of it's roots. Cave Johnson, CEO of the company, is introduced. His story is heart warming. You learn WHY Chell is there, and you get a surprise at the end. The game also contains one of the BEST ENDINGS of the past 30 years in gaming. The ending is happy, and well deserved.
All in all, this is beautiful.
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Game Play

The controls are very simple and easy to learn. The levels are fun, and tricky! They'll keep you thinking, and on your toes. The amazing story behind it is, as mentioned above, five stars! The physics is dead on, and the use of new ideas are astounding! With their newest additions to Portal Physics such as Motion Gels, Light Walks, and Ariela Faith Plates are amazing! Their ideas seem limitless, and the cooperative testing is just as good!
Five stars, plain and simple.
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The most amazing part of the game is it's lack of violence. In Chell's never-ending quest for freedom, she never kills a soul. It is extraordinary. If you don't plan on playing it, I'll at least advice watching the ending! I doubt there will be any game that could even compare in my lifetime, except of coarse, if there was a Portal 3.

All in all, 5 Stars!


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Re: Critique: Portal 2

Post by Ptep on Wed May 11, 2011 4:58 pm

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