Top Ten Nostalgic Tracks

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Top Ten Nostalgic Tracks

Post by Jairo M on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:42 am

Alright guys, now that we got those other Tops out'a the way, s'time to get retro with some classics.
We all love us some Bleeps n' bloops now and again, plus, aren't I like, the only one here who prefers retro? Right.
Let em' be 8-Bit, 16-bit, maybe even 32-bit! Just can't be or over 64-bit, and they we have to sing them whenever we are in the shower, oh yeah... tha-that part was a joke, don't get to into it...

This, is the Top Ten Nostalgic Tracks-In gaming:

In the original Pokemon games, guess what? No we didn't need to catch Pokemon with stripes and horns and erythan', no they're weren't a-bamillion legendarys (speaking of which, if they're so much, that doesn't really make most of them "legendary" now, does it?)... its that we had to WALK everywhere, yes!
Well, yeah, you could eventually just fly to main destinations, but what about those routes... like everyones favorite, the bridge under Lavender Town! Wai-what? Everyone hates that one? Oh... alright. Well it would take forever since you can't fly to routes, and you can't run... so whats the next thing?

Yes you get a bike!

Oh rejoice, all of you... well, who played the original..
The bike was the only way of getting around that didn't take forever and hurt your thumb from the Gameboy's loose D-Pad. Later as the games progressed this tune became known as "The Egg Hatching Song" ... touching...


Oh yeah, those fanboys are yelling in my face now. Don't get me wrong, SMB3 IS one of the best games ever, the main theme got in, didn't it? Its just that its so common, playing everywhere over and over and over and over again... oh no, I don't just mean in-game, I mean on "Teh Interwebz" right next to Ceiling Cat and Chuck Norris Falcon Punching each other.

Of course, then again, its not an internet meme... yet Twisted Evil

Tell me, whats the one video game that includes different playable characters in almost each incarnation of the franchise, had some bad luck on the N64, but redeemed itself on the DS... yes, your right, Castlevania.

Not only fitting for a game that's entirely a haunted level (... its a joke, git' the reference?), but its just an epic song composed for Genises! Yeah, that's right, Genises, things' bomb... well... most of the time, I would usually just watch cause most games didn't really go for me...

Do you recognize this exact animation?
*marching in place*
*looks around*
*scratches nose*
*continues marching in place*
Oh yeah, I totally just stole a Youtuber's top rated comment cause its awesome and right at the same time, can't get better than that. So, is it familiar? Its on the SNES, which would be Yoshi's still frame animation!

Now, to live the full enjoyment of this game, you could not of 1: Only played the GBA remake, or 2: Only played the DS sequel.
For most who played SNES, this was the first song they probably heard in-game...
usually... actually, the most was probably Donut Plains from SMW or something... come to think of it, I didn't even get to play this game until a few years back... huh...
Well either way, for most people who owned a SNES, this song is still playing in their head... looping... forever... and ever! Twisted Evil As such why? Well because on your journey to take Baby Mario back to Mom n' Dad and rescue Baby Luigi this is the most common overworld theme, which I debut as its main theme! Don't agree? Well I call-

You know, I can only name a few good book-movie adaptations that were good, and only a few movie-game and vice-versa. But one of the best, I'd have to say is
Scott Pilgrim VS. The World the comic the movie the adaptation.... The Game. Okay, maybe that wasn't the REAL title, but its what it basically was. In Scott Pilgrim VS. The World The Game, I gotta say one of my favorite levels has to be that Rock Club. Just.. yeah, I dunno why, it just is, what, you don't have at least 1 favorite that you just like because?

I also especially like the worlds music. Which may be one of the reasons why I like it.
Sure this game was released on XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, but it was made looking like a SNES game, plus it used only 16 (8?)-bit music tracks, and it was a Beat em' up at that! That genre's died over the years and to see it make a small yet big at the same time comeback like that is awesome!

The next one was actually brought up because its finally getting a sequel on the 3DS and it made me go thru some rubbish to get the first one and play it. Oh yeah, I do mean:

Well yeah, there was a sequel on the Gameboy, for some reason I usually forget that one. As you escape the bowels of the Underworld and runaway like a 4-year old girl from Death himself (which his theme is total Ear---blood rain?), you are joined by this unfitting super happy, super joyment music everywhere!


Now I'm not sure if this belongs on the number 4 spot or not, but I'm putting it here.
River City Ransom, probably the first Beat em' Up I remember playing... and yet I can hardly remember any of it.

As said in the slot 4 key 'kard this is the final boss theme, pretty neatly put together for a NES game, dontcha' think? It-just has the vibe to it that gives you the feeling that your fighting the final boss... I don't know what it is!


Oh I bet your "ike NUUU " "Oh finally a Zelda tune!" Well I've been waiting for a good spot, that's why. Plus I've decided to do one thing per franchise in Top Tens to keep it fair. Well... Yoshi counts as a solo game rather than a spin-off.
So, remember turning into a bunny the first time you go into the Dark World? Bet you weren't expecting that... I know I wasn't... :S
You of course turn back eventually, but its kinda ironic... a bunny Link in the parallel Hyrul, nice Nintendo Razz


If you don't know this song I cannot say how its possible. And were on number 2, not 1.

Duck Tales, the adaptation of the T.V. show... of the T.V. show was an adaptation to the game.. or.. I dunno, all I know is that most people regard this as the best VG track ever, I say, of course, its the second best...

You weren't expecting it...
it wasn't maintained at all...
you didn't see it coming... (i just said that)
and its from a sequel...

Heck yes! Dr. Wily's theme from Mega Man 2!
I remember hours apon hours just playing the game to get to Wily's castle just to listen to this! I just can't really explain how nostalgic it is... when its just... THERE.

Now, its time to finish this list cause I'm getting lazy and don't wanna type more on why Wily's theme is the most nostalgic. Remember, too... this is my list, MY list. Just because it doesn't have this, or that, or whatever, doesn't mean its wrong. Well, I'm not right, either, I know. Its an opinion. So until the next Top Ten or other random topics, see ya.

"Wouldn't it be funny if like, you lose a family member." Danny Sexbang, 2013

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