Reconstruction News-- 8/10/11

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Reconstruction News-- 8/10/11 Empty Reconstruction News-- 8/10/11

Post by Ptep on Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:54 pm

Chobots is dead.
Yesterday, on August 9, 2011, Chobots officially closed permanently due to third party programs ruining the game for everybody. The two posts concerning the shutdown:

On August 8, 2011, by Tinagothic: "I regret to inform you that due to hacking attacks Chobots world is closed. We received a technical damage that can't be eliminated at the moment."

On August 9, 2011, by Tovictory: "Hello Everyone,
I suppose you saw the post by Tinagothic about chobots being closed, if you didn't you can read it here.
Chobots, the game we played a lot, an overfilled well of memories has been closed. The reason is obvious, third party programs were used and destroyed the game.
However, we can never forget it.
Chobots will always take place in our hearts, along with all the people we met and laughed with.
Let's look at this video made by Cheweh, brought tears to my eyes..

I guess this is the final goodbye..But now there is no "good" in this goodbye...
Good Bye Chobots, the memories and the people will always stay in our hearts.
The Chobots Staff.

My comment in the second post:

"It's too bad. It's just too bad.
I had many memories on Chobots. Most were good, a few were bad. Some of the best times I had on the internet were on Chobots.
But later on it seemed like Chobots started getting too money-crazy. Every single good item was virtually impossible to buy without exchanging money for coins.
So I had quit Chobots, only using it any further as a means of contacting a friend who was only allowed to go on Chobots, no other game.
When I heard that Chobots had been hacked after having not played it for almost a year, I was still... disheartened. I contemplated ways to free it from the hackers. One of them used to be my internet buddy. I didn't know at the time what a total jerk he was.
But I faced the reality that there was no possible way to stop the hackers. There was no way to bring the authorities in, since we couldn't know where they were located. If we had stopped them using force, they could easily hack us and make our lives a living... you know.
Still, I thought possibly it could recover.
But I came to a realization. How much could a few people do in this giant world? It's a sad fact of life that the little guy doesn't have much of a voice. Only a gigantic force truly has the power to cause a long term change in something. Even movie stars come and go, and after fifty years or so their name dies out.
So I bid Chobots a final adieu.
Just my two cents. Or two hundred."

For the next few weeks I'll have special Chobots music, pictures, and a banner up to mourn its death. The Chobots forum will also be reappearing after dying with the old forum.

Goodbye, Chobots... I'll especially miss the Moonwalk Cafe...

Reconstruction News-- 8/10/11 VOF0EaO
You know ;)
You know ;)

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