KATF Immortality Rockets

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KATF Immortality Rockets

Post by Ptep on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:32 pm

As you walk down the hallway you come to an exhibit with a small rocket with the word "Nieśmiertelność" displayed across the side. There is a plaque in front of it, and it says:

"These were rockets that were to be launched into space to help keep the KATF immortal. Only one, however, was launched, and it is one of two that were not destroyed along with the forum.

Nemirstību, known previously as KATF 1, was the only rocket launched. It was launched during the great Battle of the Masks that concluded the Maskatchi War. It is currently orbiting the planet Mars, its intended destination.

Onsterfelijkheid, known previously as KATF 2, was intended to be sent into Mercury orbit. It was destroyed along with the Forum.

Nieśmiertelność, known previously as KATF 3, is the only surviving rocket besides Nemirstību. It was hidden safely in the Cave of Challenges upon the Forum's destruction, due to its theft some time earlier. Its intended destination was Saturn orbit.

Udødelighed, known previously as KATF 4, was intended to be sent into Neptune orbit. It was destroyed along with the Forum.

Immortalità, known previously as KATF 5, was intended to be sent directly on an endless journey through interstellar space. Its construction was never completed, and it is believed to have been destroyed along with the Forum although its remains have never been found."

You know ;)
You know ;)

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