Inside Master Lox's Secret Lair: Secrets Behind U.B. Funkeys Part 3: The Missing Speedometer

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Inside Master Lox's Secret Lair: Secrets Behind U.B. Funkeys Part 3: The Missing Speedometer

Post by Jairo M on Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:23 pm

Notice Before Making a Troll Like Comment:

This is a continuation of my first two I.S.M.L.S.L. series, basically a documentary/secret revealing thing on U.B. Funkeys.To get the full experience, go back and read parts 1 and 2, "Fun*Keys" and "Bandit Marsh + Tach's Forbidden Vocal". Remember, those two "episodes" were copied/pasted from my old blog, and no editing was done to them. So if they are really sloppy (who'm i kiddin, i KNOW they're sloppy, misspellings, wrong grammar used in, everything) I posted them a few years back... plus I didn't really care, either. So no Grammar Nazis, and get back to the post.

We all know what the results are, as I'm sure many of you have already known, but this Part is what leads on to the next part, and it wouldn't make much sense if the next one was posted withought this one.

Part 3: The Missing Speedometer: Was there one more tribe lost in the forgotten Speed Racer series set 2?

So, let's have a recap of what we've learned/already knew from Parts 1 and 2, shall we?

The beta version of Funkeys is a play-on word of the two "Fun" and "Keys". U.B. being play-ons of "You" and "Be", put together "You Be Funkey".

Bandit, the fabled lost Funkey, more known due to the fact that it's the only one to be a normal Funkey, nothing special, yet it was canceled.
And lastly, Tach, one of the unplayable NPC type Funkeys that was only used as a placeholder for the Speed Racer series', voice.

And now we make a sort of "continuation" of part 2 on the Tach part.

(Play YT Music track for effect)

Tach: One of the few Funkey Tribes never to be released, others include Bandit and the other variants of the Paradox Green Tribes, was introduced in the Speed Racer wave, apparently Radica took it upon themselves to make up their own, thus we came with Spiel, Gabby (who later became part of the Chat Funkeys wave), and of course, Tach. What was odd about this little guy was that he technically had no purpose, he just... stood there, sure they could be seen walking around the Raceway zone, but that's just about it. That soon got players thinking, what if you could play as Tach? Was he really collectable? Let's get to the bottom of this.
(End YT Music Track)

(Play this one now)

There are two ways to play as Tach. One way includes the obvious "Find him in stores" "trick", or use the hack/glitch that was found by our very own rebsingh to Mess with the names in the Funkeys file under Program Files to switch your on play Funkey. Obviously, way #1 isn't going to work, so we will go with #2.

To do this we must of course first boot up the game. Now, go into your Program Files and look for U.B. Funkeys. , go to Radica Games/funkeys and you'll find a list of all funkeys seen in-game, including non-playable ones. If you rename the Funkey you are playing on-screen with one you want, the texture data for the two will be switched. However they do not switch data, so cheap guys, tough luck.
(End YT Music Track)


(Play YT Track)

What came back had me thinking.
Yes, Tach is playing like all the others, however unlike other NPC Funkeys, Tach is different. It has its own Rare/Very Rare forms, consider in the fact of Blue, Red, and Yellow, we got a Tribe. What's even more confusing is that when texture played as that tribe you get the Head-Icon, like all the other Collectable Funkeys, at the top-left corner.


So, what was never a mystery to begin with was debunked and cracked as one should.

Credit must go out to rebsingh who came up with that texture model glitch/hack.
Hee. B. Funkey.

A bad pun indeed for a bad episode, which was only done to, again, get onto the next episode sense without this one, the next wouldn't make much sense... at all.

"Wouldn't it be funny if like, you lose a family member." Danny Sexbang, 2013

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