Tier 3... Reinvionsed!

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Tier 3... Reinvionsed!

Post by Roco on Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:06 pm

Looks like the Test Realm is up for round two of testing is in, which could mean tons of neat stuff for those who participate!

"These boss stratums are geared towards experienced Tier 3 players and are meant to be a significant ramp up in challenge and rewards." -Crazyoddbaa (Admin)
What can we expect from such seemingly difficult challenges? In fact, because of how incredibly difficult it is intended to be, Crazyoddbaa stated that there would be two elevators next to the fountain. These elevators would lead to a special terminal, which consists of only heat and depth-appropriate pick-ups, to allow testing the area to be more possible. They have stated it is "the hardest challenge yet" and "...the content is challenging enough for players who feel they have mastered the current Tier 3 experience...".

Knowing is Half the Battle

NOTE: That is not the full post, the rest can, and must be read at the blog!

What do YOU think about this?

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