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Post by Ptep on Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:35 pm

If you have a 3DS, then you know what StreetPass is. And if you've had it for a while, you've probably gotten at least one encounter. Maybe even a lot! So share all your StreetPass stories, whether interesting or not, here.

I've gotten three encounters so far, two with one Mii and one with two Miis. I'll explain:

The first was at my local Walmart. The Mii I got was the only one that was a girl's. Someone named Christian. Nothing special. Only Mii Plaza data. They had recently played 3DS Camera, I had recently played Nintencats.

The second was at the movie theater, at Mr Popper's Penguins (yay for the movie). A guy named Clayton who had recently played Pokedex 3D, and I had, by somewhat-unfortunate coincidence, had, after weeks of not playing, recently played Nintencats (again). Also again, only Mii Plaza data.

The third was on my holiday trip this year in North Carolina, when at this famous hotel that holds a famous gingerbread house competition, which my mom wanted to be at, and I agreed to go with. I got two Miis, one named y0y0y0y0y0y0 (lol!) whose creator was named Holden. The other was a Mii named Hunter. y0y0y0y0y0y0 had recently played Ocarina of Time 3D. I had recently played Fire Emblem (yusss Twisted Evil ) y0y0y0y0y0y0's data was just for the Mii Plaza, but the other Mii had a save file on Super Mario 3D Land, which we exchanged data for; this was how I got two Miis in one StreetPass. I was really peeved because of the new StreetPass map, it was my first out of state StreetPass and they hadn't marked their state on their Miis.

You know ;)
You know ;)

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