Project Glitched - Glitch Dragon

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Project Glitched - Glitch Dragon

Post by Jairo M on Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:27 am

Dragon Cabe Wiki:
Glitch Dragon

The Glitch Dragon is not an actual dragon - it is a cloud of undispellable fog. The only Glitch Dragon on Dragon Cave is named Missingno and is owned by Pokemonfan13. This glitch's adult sprite is the same sprite used when fogging a dragon. The Glitch Dragon can be found on Pokemonfan13's scroll.

Information about the event given by Pokemonfan13:

I was breeding my Pink to my Christmas dragon to get a Pink to dump and instead a fog image appeared. I was confused and made a topic in help about an egg "fogging itself", as I didn't realize it was not behaving like a regular fogged egg at that time (i.e. it gained views, its page could be visited even though it didn't have anything written on it, it had the hide option). After some amused speculation by the frequenters of Help, TJ posted saying it was a glitch, that where it should have a breed assigned to it, it was empty in the database and asked if I wanted it to be left as is or if I wanted him to turn it into a pink. I, of course, said as is, as if it had been a pink I would have just dumped it. It had a sickness problem because of the number of curiosity views (so some of the time it actually was fogged). The actual reason it has the fog image is because during the sprite replacement he set it so that any dragon that didn't have a sprite set to it, (as the replacement wasn't all at once, there were some that still needed sprites once the replacing started) it got the fog image, and because Missingno doesn't have a breed it doesn't have an image set, so it uses the default fog. I named it Missingno because in concept it so epicly resembles the glitch Pokemon that does not actually exist.

Glitch Dragon, in basic form: Dragon Cave's answer to Pokemon's MissingN0

Project Glitched: An attempt of finding a way to either recreate or work around/new way to get the Glitch Dragon. Now, I know it isn't a real dragon, but it's still a pretty neat thing, fun to think even. Now, it may be hard, but nothing is fully perfect, so there should be a way to get the glitch to occur one more time. Here I will keep my progress and attempts done to get the occurrence.

Attempt 01: Double Tabs- FAILED
This was a very simple, yet when thought about, very good plan to get the glitch. Basically all that was needed to be done was to open up too tabs, set them both to the abandoned area and click on the same egg, being the same I.P., I was hoping it would not know what to do with it, but, obviously a simple attempt like that wouldn't work, as what happened was one tab got the egg, while the other didn't.

Attempt 02: Double Tabs Take 2- FAILED
In this try, I was trying to do basically the same thing, but instead of getting the egg, I used the tabs on a egg, hatchling, and s2 hatchling. What was done was one tab went to actions and enabled the fog command, then getting the other tab to unfog it, then once more get another tab while unfogging to fog again, to get a sorta work around to just make the sprite stay as fog. Believe it or not, it did actually work, but only for the page with "unfog successful", scroll, and dragon pages. If refreshed, it would go back to the normal dragon sprite. So although it didn't entirely work, I now know a route to take for other attempts.

Attempt 03: Abandon A Cloud- FAILED
In this attempt, I was trying to have once again two tabs on a hidden egg. One tab on the abandon action, and the other on it's info. The abandon page would proceed to abandon the egg while the other page refreshes causing the egg to stay hidden. To my surprise it worked, but when I went to the abandoned eggs page to see if it was there... it was! But as it's egg sprite. I tried clicking it to "re-adopt" it, but it acted as if someone did. Refreshed the page to see if someone got it, but no one did. So it's stuck until it's days run out.

Attempt 04: IN MIND

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