The Book of the Law DECLASSIFIED

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The Book of the Law DECLASSIFIED

Post by Ptep on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:57 pm

These are all the crimes that KATF Agents can't commit and the consequences. I hope that this Book Of The Law will bring some order to the KATF.

---Crimes against the King*---
Coup: If you try to coup (Overthrow the King), in any way, it will result in instant ban from the KATF and possibly house arrest.
Disobeying Orders: If the King gives a DIRECT order and it is DIRECTLY disobeyed, then, with approval from the Council of 4, it is punishable by Court Marshall.
Hacking: If someone hacks the King, it is punishable by Court Marshall WITHOUT taking a vote to the Council of 4.
---Crimes against the King's Pets---
Starvation**: if the King is held up long enough to actually starve his pets, he can warn the person(s) who held him up IF he said he needed to feed his pets and the persons intentionally said that what they were doing was too important to sidetrack. If the same person(s) does this crime 2 more times, it is punishable by demotion, either 1 or 2 ranks.
Attempted Murder**: If someone breaks into the King's property and tries to kill his pet and someone stops him, it is punishable by Court Marshall WITHOUT taking a vote to the Council of 4.
Hacking Murder: If someone hacks the King and purposefully lets his pets starve, it punishable by instant ban from the KATF.
---Crimes against the Council of 4---
Crimes against the Council of 4: (See all of these offenses except coup.)
Attacking members of the Council of 4: If someone attacks any of the Council of 4 members with intent to hurt them, it is punishable by demotion, 1, 2, 3, or 4 rank, and SOMETIMES Court Marshall, depending on how severe.

*: When it comes time for me to step down, Super will be King, and he may choose a Prince, and so on.
**: These crimes are only valid to Puffles or Zorbos.

~Disrespect Against One-Another~
Constant arguing: If any two members constantly argue with one-another, it is punishable by 1-rank demotion on both sides. Just try to resolve it. Work it out.
Giving unnecessary orders: Try not to abuse your power if you have gained it. Bossing lower ranked soldiers to do things that you should do yourself, or giving a ridiculous order for fun is frowned upon in the KATF. This is punishable by sometimes severe demotion (Most of the time you will be demoted all the way down to the rank of the soldier you gave the unnecessary orders to, and that may be a big margin, or it may just be by one rank.)
Violence: If any of you commit violence against another member, it is punishable by demotion or Court Marshall, with or without going to the Council of 4, depending on how severe.

--Procedures for the Festival of the Dancing Kings--
If a King decides to step down or is assassinated, or if he quits, the agent currently listed as Prince will undergo Judgement by declaring a Festival of the Dancing Kings. A festival will be held for 1 month and if war breaks out during this month, the Prince will not become King- If the King chose to step down, the current King will remain King. However, if the King was assassinated, the Council (Excluding the Prince) must come to a decision on weather The Prince should become King. If it is decided that he should not, a Festival of the Dancing Kings will be held to the next in rank, and this will keep going until someone is declared King. If war does NOT break out during the Festival, the one who was undergoing judgement will become King. This is how this is to take place: Someone will draw the KATF Flag at the Citizen's Underground on Live Star city. Then the American national anthem will be sung and then the KATF Anthem will be sung. Then the Prince (Or whomever was undergoing judgement) will take an oath and will be crowned King. The Festival of the Dancing Kings MUST ALWAYS HAVE ITS 1ST DAY HELD DURING PEACETIME.

~Pet Team-mates~
All members in the KATF are entitled to at least 1 pet member to have in the Pet KATF. They will be able to go to members in missions and aid them with items. If a pet member is killed by another member on purpose this is major cause for demotion. It could have been a goal to kill the owner of said pet member, and also applies to the hostility towards other members rule. This action if severe enough to have the committer sent to Court Marshall is the Council of Five sees it fit. When you pick your pet teammates they will be ranked to the next position in line (If it is a high-rank position such as Chief Knight) or to Private and will have to be leveled up. If the pet dies and cannot return back to life we will have a pet funeral.

~Soup and Crackers day~
Every August 8, starting in 2010, all members of the KATF MUST celebrate Soup and Crackers day. If anyone is caught NOT celebrating it, they will be demoted by 1 rank. This includes the Council of Five. Here is how to celebrate it: Take some soup and some Ritz (Or whatever brand you please) crackers. Crumble up the crackers and put the crumbs that are left into your soup. Then eat the soup for lunch. (We will have a virtual lunch too if possible) Everyone in the KATF gets a day off on this day.

NO KILLLING IN THE DUELS. Nothing too deadly, like trying to slice your opponent’s head off.

Mages are only to be called into a mission in EMERGENCIES. They do have the power to essentially fire the King, but do not use the power unless the King is acting very badly in leading the KATF; This is a safety measure to ensure that the KATF doesn’t have a truly terrible King.

This book was copied and pasted EXACTLY from the original. The book was created by Pteprocks after turmoils caused an uproar in the KATF. Court Marshal is mentioned as a punishment but the only agent to ever be Court Marshaled was Fman. Muttly was the only one ever to be put under house arrest. The book was stolen on September 29, 2009 and has not been updated since then.

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