Top Ten Hats In Gaming

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Top Ten Hats In Gaming

Post by Jairo M on Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:09 pm

Yes yes, the hats, You all know some famous hats from gaming? Mario's, Links, heck, even Master Chief's Helmet counts! So Why not tell the tale of the best ones out there? Remember, its "gaming" not just "video games'', so anything that has to do with vgs. its gonna be on the list.

Without further ado', I'm Jairo M., for

Bandit Pro.'s Top Ten Hats In Gaming

(lol, Screwattack reference Razz)

#10: Red's Hat

You just can't go wrong with the classics... being an original hat in video games, Red's Hat from the PKMN Red/Blue games is a the very image of what a game hat is.
So much in fact that I spoiled it being number 10 in the preview up there! :O That's how awesome it is! Being from the old school gameboy color to now gamers will always where a real PKMN hat at some point in their life... most of the time... hey, some kid at my school wears one he made EVERY DAY! Now "that's" a devoted fan right there!

(technically that's Ash's original hat from the anime, but meh, whatever...)

#9: Diddy Kong's Hat

Ahh yes, another classic hat. First appearing WAAAAAAAY back in the SNES days, DK's sidekick was into'd into the video gaming world...: Diddy Kong (Mostly known as simply Diddy, unlike his other, Donkey, who is known as simply.. "Donkey Kong"). Not only were we introduced to a new awesome duo, (not the best of course a-cough cough) but we got to see Diddy in all his outfitted glory! His shirt of awesomeness... and hat. Yes with a hat like that... no one can go wrong... I mean look at it! It reads "Nintendo"! Wow... advertising even in the SNES games.. video games.. how fun you were even then...

.... pay attention to the hat...

#8: Mega Man's Helmet

Mhm, uh-huh, yeaup... The Blue Bomber (i.e. Screwattack...) is a another classic video game character (so much that I am making him a secret playable character in my Flash game im creating, "Ninja ReFusion"(working title)! After destroying Dr. Willy's plots in the first game, he never stopped to do so again in later games. And all with his trade mark Helmet that never seems to change as much as all his other gear from game to game!

..... blue

#7: Toad's Mushroom... hat... head.. thing???

Truth be told... nobody really knows if whats on top of a Toad's, or Toadette's head is a hat... or part of their body's!! Question confused

Emmm... anyway, even when we first saw him and wanted to kill him from his first debut with his message that haunts all nostalgic gamers, his still a .... "loveable"? character in gaming.... especially in Mario spin-offs...

#6: Luigi's Hat

Yeap, being one of my, and a lot of others, favorite Mario character, it's safe to say that... "Yes, Luigi's hat is also better than Mario's".
With Luigi's hat also being green... my, a-heh, favorite color, but that's not why its on the list, I mean hey, its number 6, that's still pretty high up...

#5: Link's Hat

His hat from the games series, based apon... I forgot, but I'm pretty sure his hat is based on something, much like almost everything in the Zelda games. Some argue that Link first got his hat in "The Minish Cap", but some also forget that that was an alternet split in the space-time continuum from "Ocarina of Time". Who knows, its still pretty kicken' though

#4: Master Chief's Helmet

Yeaup, known for being the main character of one of the best selling FPSs, Halo's Master Chief...'s.. Helmet, is very awesome. One reason being that it shields his face! :O That is one reason why most people actually HATE the helmet, cause they have never shown his face before! Even in the ending of the first game, C.E., when he was taking it off in the last cut-scene, the camera went out of view of his face! Man... teasin' us... but its still a good one over-all...

#3: Stuttering Craig's Hat of Awesomeness (yes, thats REALLY what its called!)

Now, not a game, but hey, not my fault you didn't read the little preview up there.
Stuttering Craig, a.k.a Craig Skittmas, a.k.a. the very image of , is very awesome indeed. His hat is very important aswell, for if it is ever taken off, all chaos will be thrown apon life as we know it! Ocean's of coppies of the game Grabbed By the Ghoulies at your doorstep, n00bs start to pwn uber pros, cats and dogs living together! Even when he wore a sombrero, he still wore the hat underneath... because its THAT AWESOME!!!!!

... its awesome, and if you don't think so, make a meeting with the Hypnotoad...

#2: Professor Layton's Top Hat

Heh heh, of course, alot of people would of said this, being one of the top ten best selling DS games (by charts, not by fans) Hershel Layton's hat is the prime image of a cool hat. Sure, most people would be like "He goes around town with THAT?!?!" Well in real life, it would look kinda weird, but its a game.. so no. It was a tradition for the top part of his head (the area with hear) to never be seen, until the sad ending from "Unwound Future" that it broke the system when he pulled down his hat and cried as the credits started. It even looks greater in those fully anime style cut-scenes! So if you need to solve something that's been puzzling you, maybe wear the hat and try again? ONE HINT COIN PLEASE! :O

The run down was pretty hard on choosing the best hat in gaming, so before it is shown, lets run-down what was before its glory...

#10: Red's hat (PKMN)
#9: Diddy Kong's Hat (DK)
#8: Mega Man's Helmet (Mega Man)
#7: Toad/Toadette's head.. hat... mutation thing!?!? whats going on there... (Mario Bros.)
#6: Luigi's Hat (Mario Bros.)
#5: Link's Hat (Zelda)
#4: Master Chief's Helmet (Halo)
#3: Stuttering Craig's Hat of Awesomeness (
#2: Professor Layton's Top Hat (Professor Layton)


#1: The Bajillion-Kazilllion *Insert New Number Here* Copy Hats of Kirby

Ha! Since I couldn't make up my mind on which one of the K.C.H. should be on here, I put them all! GENIUS! Hey, its my list, I don't care if it doesn't count for it having to be only 1, its "my'en"! Kirby's abilit'ay as shown in Kirby's Dream Land, 2 I believe, helped the puff-ball on his journey as he ate his enemies, he copied their powers aswell! So much that eating, has became a sort of a trade mark for him! AWESOME! :O

Even used in the Smash Bros. games. To good, to good. So yeah, see you next time, and if you have any feed-back, such as "thanks" or "suggestions" you would like to tell, please say so in the comments!

So see you until the next one!... or next post over all...

I do not own any of the characters shown above!
All items of Screwattack belong to

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