I'm Back. Where'd Everyone Go?

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I'm Back. Where'd Everyone Go?

Post by Carabu on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:35 pm

Hey, it's carabu. I haven't been here in a while, but I thought I should give this ol' place another look it is what developed in the inner computer programmer in me. It delights me to see that we all have moved on, grown up, matured. I remember it seems as if yesterday I was on the chatrooms at Rebsingh's blog being "King of Darkness" enjoying myself causing chaos (which I still love doing). I decided to take another look to see how things are going. Yet, I am deeply saddened that everyone else has left. If this post is being looked upon by a guest that has seemingly stumbled upon to this site that brings along with it so much history, this website (no matter how horrible it may look at first) was the most recent addition of an interconnected network of websites and imaginative creators working together. I have decided that as of now I will begin to write the history of the world of UB Funkeys from my point of view (in a different post). If there is still another UBF player new or old, please let us acknowledge your existence here, and perhaps we can relive the good ol' days. And with the new skills we have all collected. To revive the old world. Except with new motives, new loves, new issues. We have potential of great things if we can all reunite. I am summoning all you old UBF Players. Return. The best is not yet over.

-Carabu (I seriously need a more menacing and badass name. Neutral )
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