Trying To Bring Back the Awesomeness...

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Trying To Bring Back the Awesomeness...

Post by Carabu on Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:15 pm

Well. Everybody pretty much has there hopes very high after reading this title. In the past I hacked websites with my -low- computer skills. I realized destroying is so much easier than constructing. I SHALL RE-CREATE CHOBOTS! No... just kidding I hate chobots and I'd probably get in trouble. I think it'd be safer to re-create UB Funkeys. This idea is still in works- still finding out if it's posible too... But I will try to create an online world much like Club Penguin except UB Funkeys... I will try to have the same concepts, but just different names so I'm not copying them... And the best part: EVERYBODY HAS ALL THE FUNKEYS! What your gonna have to do is just unlock more with the game you play. Of course I don't think this is possible. Well let's just see what I can do. If anybody wants to pitch in and help- PLEASE HELP!

Well let's see if my dream of creating We.B. Funkeys will happen.

Any thoughts?

-Carabu (by the way I need a cooler name if this thing actually works and I get popular!!! lol!
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